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"I am a client of the Focus Group CPA. During the year 2004 I was contacted by the IRS stating that I owed the Federal Government $41,000 for the year 2001. Another accountant did my taxes for that year, and when I got the notice a company called the Focus Group was currently representing me. Ever since I got the notice I have been in contact with the Focus Group in getting this matter resolved namely Amit Chandel. Amit was very professional in his dealings with me as a client and very patient in his dealings with the IRS. The matter took some time to resolve with the IRS but Amit kept assuring me from the start that this matter would go away and to just be patient. He showed me in the beginning what the problem was and that it was only matter of time before it got resolved. I thank Amit for his professionalism and outstanding courtesy and the way he represented me during this matter. His firm is top notch and outstanding in their dealings with their clients."

Outcome = $0 paid

-Ken Edwards

"Glad that I met Amit, he helped me out of a very tough situation. I had never experienced an audit; he helped me understand the whole process. He helped me out. Which, was the best feeling in the world and now he is doing my taxes because I trust him which, I think is really important."

-Adriana Galaviz

"Service of FOCUS CPA is excellent! Excellent! They deliver when they promise. They are very prompt with returning calls. In case you call anytime during the day time at least they are prompt in returning the call back. I would off course recommend FOCUS CPA to others, and why not? I got a good treatment and my problem has been solved from IRS. I had a big case ($240,000) you know they are the one who settled it for nothing so I would recommend my friends and everybody to go to "FOCUS" in case they have any problem regarding IRS or some other tax problems. Mr. Chandel is in business for a long time, he has expertise in IRS and tax affairs so you know so take advantage of what he is doing. One must take advantage."

Outcome = $1,500 paid

-G. Sood

"I am completely satisfied with your service (Focus CPA). Every time I call they return my call and do the things I want on time. I would recommend Focus CPA to others. If anyone would ask me I will definitely recommend your name to my friends and relatives. I would like to thank you very much for your service and I am very, very happy with your service."

-Gulbagh Singh

"I value Focus CPA's services to be really great and been with them for many years, over five years now. Peace of mind is what I look at FOCUS, because I do not have to worry. One less hassle for me to worry about anything that Focus is involved in. Deliver is number one for Focus, because I get carried away with my own stuff. "Deliver" is what they call me to say here is your stuff, goes on time not to worry about it at all. Calls are returned anytime I need to get answers from them or anything, they call me back right away with the answers so I do not have to worry about it at all. I would very much like to recommend Focus CPA to others and I have done so and will continue to do so because I think many people should get involved with Focus and have this peace of mind just like I do. I think Amit is a pleasure working with him, he is a great guy and I would like to add that it is a good relationship we have with him and value it very much."

-Kiran Cheranda

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